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Languages for Children (3-9Y)

$270 | 10 Week Session | 1 Hour | LWFC Songs & More Workbook/CD Set and LWFC Storybook Included

Students attend by themselves. The new language is absorbed by the children through age appropriate action games and visual aids in a happy immersion environment filled with original-vocabulary building songs and play. Kids over three years old are fully verbal. Therefore, children classes are more active and vocal. Children these ages can interact with their peers and enjoy more playing in groups.

At this time, the class focuses on phrases and full sentences using stories and engaging in dialogues. Classes are dynamic and fun because activities change rapidly. In addition to the new Songs & More Workbook/CD set students get every session, they also get a brand new LWFC Storybook, since children can now benefit from stories.

Forty years have passed and The Language Workshop for Children®’s approach still is the first and most respected method for language learning educational play for children. The Thibaut Technique® trains teachers to capture the children’s attention with laughs, melodies, emotional support, colorful material and personal interaction, so in every lesson the children absorb and retain the words and phrases that make them happy. Every week, a mixture of familiar routines and new songs, words and phrases are experienced by the students to help them build Spanish or Chinese fluency.

Depending upon the location, Children’s classes are grouped by ages 3-5Y and 6-9Y in Spanish.


Totus Lingua teaches Spanish in schools (Prek-8th grade) and daycares around Chicago!