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Our Approach

Children have a window of opportunity when they posses their greatest capacity to learn and retain a language. François Thibaut, The Language Workshop for Children® Founder and Director has pioneered, since 1973, methods and didactic materials to allow parents to take advantage of that window of opportunity for their children. This method is called The Thibaut Technique®, and it successfully combines a structured curriculum and a child’s innate love of play.

The simple use of foreign songs and games is not enough for kids to learn. The difference is in the method and the materials. Mr. Thibaut works with professional composers and visual aid designers to create award-winning vocabulary-building songs and class materials. All teachers at Totus Lingua™ are certified in the use of The Thibaut Technique and its class materials in a systematic way, so the children can learn a language’s distinct sounds and grammar in an animated, mind-engaging, happy environment, making it east for them to practice their new language.

Every student receives, for every session, a brand new song CD and a professionally illustrated Songs and More™ workbook. This way, what was learned at Totus Lingua can be practiced at home, enhancing the experience in the new language. Because this songs and books are fresh for every session, students are able to expand on their vocabulary and grammar skills. This extraordinary material, developed by LWFC® can only be acquired at licensed Language Workshop for Children classes, like the ones provided by Totus Lingua in Chicago.

Using The Thibaut Technique®, at Totus Lingua™ we make sure kids hear first, then understand and then finally speak the new language, in the same natural process we all go through while learning our mother tongue.

In The Language Workshop for Children® at Totus Lingua™ children learn through a language immersion experience, learning a “business standard” accent from native speakers. Limited sized classes allow children to be properly instructed and also encourage them to be active and participant.

At Totus Lingua we very much care for children and their development. We believe that by creating a safe and friendly environment for our language classes, we are also helping parents in the education of their kids in a culture of mutual understanding and appreciation of different languages and cultures, thus helping the construction of a better world.

Totus Lingua teaches Spanish in schools (Prek-8th grade) and daycares around Chicago!